Prior to the initial consultation, the client is provided with a questionnaire and a short food diary. We would ask for this to be completed and returned to Phytofit Nutrition a few days before the consultation date where possible.

An initial consultation takes approximately 1 hour. After further information gathering, including discussing any current medications/supplements being taken, a┬áHealth Optimisation Plan will be devised for the client, tailored to the individual. This may include diet and lifestyle changes, supplement recommendations and recipe advice, depending on the client’s goals, and what will be realistic, achievable, safe, and effective for that individual.

For personal training, plans will be drawn up following the same principles of individuality and focusing on what a client’s goals.

For more information about prices for 1-1 personal training, online coaching or corporate talks, please contact us:


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Nutritional Therapy is not intended to replace medical advice.