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Food and mood

It is a known fact that food (and drink) can alter your mood, such as a ‘relaxing’ glass of wine after a busy day or a bar of chocolate to boost energy levels. There are many factors involved, but here are a couple of reasons why this happens: 1. Our association and thoughts about food,Continue Reading

Eating to gain muscle

Achieving the optimum percentage of macronutrients (protein, carbohydrate and fat) for muscle gain varies greatly between individuals. This can be for many reasons including age, gender and genetics. Be prepared to experiment until you get it right. As a general rule, in order to build muscle you will need to consume a surplus of calories.Continue Reading


UK sport supplement industry is booming, and worth hundreds of millions of pounds. These range from protein powders and electrolytes to fat burning products. So, with such a vast array of often heavily marketed supplements, where do you start? When considering a supplement, it is important to consider a few points: What is my dietContinue Reading